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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 784 - Shibe Spotlight:!

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
Today we're shining our Shibe Spotlight on a business that you might be aware of, but might not have purchased from.!
The whole 'buying Steam games for crypto' niche is actually one of the few areas in Cryptocurrency where there is actually some pretty stiff competition. Lots of other places give you opportunities to buy their steam codes but what really separates these businesses from one another? I've been speaking to OlavOlsm, one of the owners of Keys4coins for a little while now, trading PMs as he explained, in great detail, what makes his store special as compared to his competition. Olav doesn't mince words and is clearly passionate about his business and that's why I think today's Shibe Spotlight is going to be something really quite extraordinary.
So, with that said, please join me in welcoming Olavolsm!
  • How long have you been involved with Dogecoin?
    • Since december 2013, me and IThinkUFailed began mining it a few days after launch and it was the first we mined seriously. I also bought some. On Reddit I became a very active seller in dogemarket january 2014, and became active in dogecoin in may 2014. I even sold laptops for doge and was probably the first to do that.
  • What originally interested you about Dogecoin?
    • The entire concept of Dogecoin interested me. The fact that it was not controlled by anybody other than the community. I was also new to Bitcoin and did not know how dogecoin worked. I wanted to learn more so started doing dogecoin related development.
  • Are you a gamer yourself? What's your current favorite game?
    • Yes. I have more than one favorite game so it is hard to just pick one. Battlefield, Hitman, Just Cause, GTA and Far Cry series are top favorites. Currently I am playing Far Cry 4 but plan to play Just Cause 3 and GTA V, and the new Hitman when its out. Battlefield 2 is probably the game I have played the most. I wish I had more time for gaming these days.
  • What's one cool thing about Keys4Coins that not a lot of people know?
    • One cool thing about Keys4Coins that people don't seem to know but definitely should is that when they make a purchase of $10 or more they have their order id thrown in to our prize pool (Such Drawing). After xxx qualifying orders have been made, one lucky customer will win $1,000 of DOGE and become a dogeillionaire! Seems silly but a lot of people don't seem to know we have this! Read more here:
  • What makes Keys4coins different?
    • Got more products now: 1040 products
    • PC games, console games, gift cards, software (Windows and Antivirus)
    • Games for many platforms: Steam, Origin, Uplay, Rockstar Social Club, Xbox Live, PSN, Battle.Net, and more
    • Quick checkout
    • Automatic instant delivery, no waiting for confirms.
    • Shop anonymously
    • Cryptocurrency payments only
    • Cheaper due to less fees with cryptocurrency
    • Affiliate program:
  • Two points I really wish to highlight are:
    • Customer service: From the start, customer service is top priority. It is very quick and professional, we do not want to leave customers hanging. With online chat available most of the day, it is hard to compete with Keys4Coins support. I am not talking 9-5, but from morning to midnight. My partner is backup at times I am away. If there were more customers than we could handle alone I will get more agents. When live chat is offline, leaving an offline message, creating a support ticket, or sending an email are also easy and will be taken care of as soon as possible. No customers has ever waited a day for help, not even during weekends.
    • Anonymous checkout: This was one of my original visions for Keys4Coins and something I think is a problem with most stores. Don’t you hate when online stores selling digital products requires you to give them all your private info? For physical items sure, but digital items delivered digitally don’t need this stuff. Full name, email, address, telephone numbers, birthday or personal identity number, and some times they even require you to verify some of this before receiving product. Of course I see the need to help reduce chargeback scams, but why require all this info when paying with cryptocurrency? One of the points of using cryptocurrency is anonymity. Yes, you could use fake info if it does not have to be verified, but it is just a waste of time for the customer. Keys4Coins does not require any registration of customer details. You can checkout as guest and the only field you have to fill is email address, so you can receive the license. Only the email address, order details, and optionally username and password (if an account is created), are saved in our database, unless the user himself provides more info in the “edit account” page.
  • Also important parts of Keys4Coins:
    • A fantastic website user experience
    • Only sell legal products
    • More products and multiple platforms
    • Lower prices, especially on low cost games
    • Less currency conversion
    • Community activity and contribution
    • Giveaways, rewards and prizes
  • What have been some of the biggest challenges to starting and running your own business?
    • Adding products was very time consuming in the beginning. Automation and payment processing has also been a work in progress and I wanted control over my payments and cutting out the middlemen. Advertising Keys4Coins is much harder than creating it and is my biggest challenge in running it.
  • How did you overcome them?
    • I am very good with automation. I created a program that gets most of the information about products automatically from Steam, Origin, Uplay. This way I can add hundreds of products in very few days. But it is not perfect and I am trying to improve it every time i add more products.
    • I found CryptoWoo woocommerce plugin for payment processing and joined it during its early beta as one of its first beta testers, helping it along its way to become what it is today.
    • Advertising is still a challenge I have not overcome. Some recent tactics worked somewhat but sadly did not last long. Currently Keys4Coins is not a profitable business. If anyone can help with advertising please contact me.
  • Because everyone's idea is different, what does your vision of Dogecoin going "to the moon" look like?
    • Worldwide adoption as one of the top digital currencies. For this we need more merchants accepting dogecoin and customers making their purchases in dogecoin. Dogecoin is a very good alternative to Bitcoin with its much faster transaction confirmations and lower fees and is a good candidate to be one of the top currencies.
  • Do you have any advice for those who are interested in starting a Dogecoin business but are still on the fence?
    • I would recommend using wordpress with woocommerce because it has a lot of plugins and is easy to customize. For payment processing use the plugin CryptoWoo to take control over your payments and cut out the middlemen. See my testimonial on CryptoWoo here: ___ ___
Please take a moment today to stop by today and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.
Many thanks to Olavolsm for his time and his very detailed, open responses!
We have had one submission for the 500,000 DOGE bounty, please take a moment today to help edit it and make it better! This endeavor is being sponsored in order to help Shibes easily and reliably set up their own Shibe business, if there is anything that you feel needs clarification, please bring it forward! Thank you! :D)
It's 7:00AM EST and our Global Hashrate is holding strong at ~1600 while our Difficulty is up from ~28119 to ~30763.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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